You are a DIYer and want to build your own tiny house but are not sure about the basic construction and trailer?
Let us take care of it for you!

We provide two tiny houses shell options adapted to your needs.
Basic Shells cover all basic construction steps. You can then finish on your own the inside and utilities of your tiny house according to your preferences.
Advanced Shells include all the Basic Shell features plus electric and plumbing utilities. You are then free to customized the inside of your tiny house as you wish.

Our Shell options are available in four different standard lengths: 4m88, 6m10, 7m32 and 8m54. If you want another size for your shell, just let us know...

Basic Shell

From 6.800.000 CLP

(Español) Especificaciones Técnicas

(Español) Plataformas de hasta 9 mts de largo
(Español) Con 1, 2 o 3 ejes
(Español) Sistema de balancín 
(Español) Frenos de tambor eléctricos (si es necesario)
(Español) Capacidad hasta 5,5  ton.
(Español) Conexión sistema eléctrico y luces led
(Español) Neumáticos aro 15 con llantas + 1 de repuesto sobre lanza
(Español) Pintura 2 manos

(Español) Opcionales

(Español) Patas niveladoras en lanza, 4 esquinas, etc.
(Español) Altura de enganche ajustable

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