+Why should I buy a tiny house?

In Rukamp, we are Tiny Living Enthusiasts! We are convinced that living a simple life is the key for happiness.

When you decide to let go and start possessing less, a new world of possibilities opens to you. By having less, choices are easier. You have more time and wealth which allows you to do more, be connected to your passion and pursue your dreams.

Living in a tiny house is a great opportunity to be connected to the nature, have less environmental impact and appreciate meaningful things.

It is also a great chance to get free of heavy credits by having a house that fits your needs, not more, not less, just the exact needs!

+Where do you put a tiny house?

In Chile, there are no regulations yet about tiny houses. You could then put it on your own land or a rented one in the place of your choice.

+Can I try a tiny house?

Yes, trying our tiny houses is the best way to see if you would like to buy one!

Here are our options

+Where are you located?

We are located in Pucón, in the Araucanía Region, surrounded by volcanoes and lakes, right at the beginning of the Majestic Patagonia.

Our exact address is : Camino internacional – Curarrehue Km 22, Pucon – Chile.

Here you will find the map!

+What are the dimensions of a tiny house?

Our Standard Tiny Houses and Tiny House Shells are available in  4 different sizes:

  • 4m88
  • 6m10
  • 7m32
  • 8m54

For Custom Tiny Houses and Shell Options, ask for your desired size here

+What is the weight of a tiny house on wheels?

A Tiny House weight around 3 to 4 Tons depending on length, materials and models.

+How is the tiny house insulated? Is it ready for all kinds of weather conditions?

Our Tiny Houses are insulated with Foam Insulated Material which is the best one to stand for all kinds of weather.

Chile is a very diverse country regarding climate and temperatures and we guarantee that our tiny houses can travel everywhere around the country.

If you have another preference regarding insulation, just let us know. Remember : In Rukamp, everything is possible!

+How do you heat a tiny house?

Many people use small propane heaters or space heaters. Another option is radiant heated floors. While this option might not heat the entire home to the ideal temperature, it will come close and will also feel good on your feet since tiny homes have open air space beneath them. Another option that some opt for is a small fireplace that offers added ambience.

+What about the water?

Our Tiny Houses come with a small water reserve that enable you to have water in the most remote places. For long term use, they come with a pipe system that can be connected to water system in the land you will be staying in.

+What about the toilet?

Our homes are designed with compostable toilets. We can also offer the option to connect to a septic tank.

+What about electricity?

It comes with 220V System that can be connected to your land local system. Solar Panels are also an option that we can provide.

+What is the building process?

You will find all the details for Standard Tiny house in the Model Page – example here.

The building steps for Custom Tiny House can be found there and for Shell Options here.

+How long does it take for the tiny house to be build?

After defining your perfect tiny house with our architect, the building process lasts 4 months maximum. It can be faster depending on the models.

+I want to self-build my house, how can I do that?

If you are a DIYer, you can perfectly build your tiny houses on your own.

We offer Tiny House Shells options exactly for that. You can find our options here.

+Do I have to buy a trailer?

Trailers are included in the price of our tiny houses. This is a very important item of your tiny house as it supports the whole construction. We only work with our trailer builders for a matter of safety and quality work guarantee.

+How much does a tiny house cost?

Prices will depend on models, sizes and building options.

You can have a look at our Standard Tiny Houses and Tiny Houses Shells to have an idea of prices ranges. The final price will depend on the options you will select in the quotation form.

+What is the payment process?

Payment Process depends on the Tiny Houses Options (Custom, Standard or Shell).

You will find all the payment steps for Standard Tiny house in the Model Page – example here.

For Custom Tiny House, have a look there and for Shell Options here.

+How do I transport my house? Do I need a special driving license?

You don’t need a special driving license but you will need a 4WD vehicle with 3.0 or more engine.

+Can I pick up the house and transport it myself?

Of course, there is no problem! We offer delivery service but if you prefer to start the adventure from our building site, not a problem for us…

+How far do you deliver?

We deliver everywhere in Chile. The only limit we have is where our tiny houses can actually reach… Some roads won’t be suitable for the tiny house to pass smoothly, this would be the limit to our service.