From the end of the World, right at the entrance of the majestic Patagonia and surrounded by volcanoes and lots of National Parks, we decided to create our Tiny House Community to give more people the opportunity to share our passion.

In Maya Mapu, we are a bunch of Tiny Houses Enthusiasts convinced that true happiness can be reached by getting back to a simple life and respecting the nature.

This is not a coincidence that we have picked the Historical Region of Araucanía to start our project, region where the biggest Mapuche community live in harmony with the nature and its ancestral traditions.

Thanks to our project, we hope to get lots of Tiny House Lovers to build their dreamed house with us, we hope to make more people to know the tiny living movement and get a first taste of it through our Tiny rentals and of course, we hope to help local communities protect our region and our planet by having the lowest environmental impact possible.

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Turismo - Pucón

Un lugar lleno de vida, diversidad, naturaleza y tranquilidad. Hoy es el turno de Pucón, un destino imperdible del sur de nuestro país.

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Build your Tiny House

If you want to build a tiny house, you are at the right place!

In Maya Mapu, everything is possible: We have a solution for every wish.

We offer several standard designs available in different sizes and building stages: from turn-key solutions to shell options.
You might already have a project in mind and looking for someone to build your dreamed house from scratch, our custom solutions are the right choice for you then.
You might also be a DIYers willing to make your own tiny home. We have shell options available for you so you can finish your house on your own as you wish!

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Try a Tiny House

We know that the tiny living is a new concept and you might not be 100% ready to build your new home already.
Willing to give it a try though? We have two options for you!

First, you can come visiting us in our tiny houses village in Pucón. You will be able to get to try the experience and enjoy your stay in our tiny houses in the middle of an amazing bush, close to the city center and main touristic activities. You will also meet the team and see our building place.

Another option to try the tiny living would be to rent one of our tiny houses and experience the adventure in your own land or favorite place. We will bring the tiny house everywhere you wish across Chile and help you try the experience before to take the leap!

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Smaller is better

Maya Mapu is an ambassador of the tiny living movement in Chile. We are tiny home enthusiasts promoting a new lifestyle. We are convinced of the benefits of living with less and going back to a simple life. Our goal is to help people change their life, join the movement and go tiny!

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Build your dreams

We strongly believe that every person is unique and deserve a house that meets its own needs. In Maya Mapu, we offer tailor-made tiny houses for every lifestyle. We help you to make your dreams come to reality!

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Get into the green scene

We believe that global changes start locally. This is why we take sustainability very seriously and make it part of our full building process. In Maya Mapu, we combine high quality materials with ecological solutions. We help you make an impact in the world and respect our mother nature.

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Create a better world

We want to leave our positive print in this world by taking care of the planet and also through mutual help between human beings. We want to help create a better world for everyone to live in. One of our mission in the contribution to the Mapuche Community in the Araucania Region.

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100% Hand-Made Construction

Every single step of your tiny house construction will be fully hand-made by our team. It will be made with lots of care and love and with the best materials that will last for years.

We'd love to hear from you!

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